You're In Brookelynn: Spring Lush Haul & Review

Spring Lush Haul & Review

Happy Monday everyone! Remember when I talked about my Lush order that I was super excited about? It finally arrived, just in time for spring break! I finally got around to using all of these products, so without further ado- onto the review! (that rhymed, ha!)

The first thing I picked up was the Hoppity Poppity bath bomb- it was the first thing I put in my cart because it was so dang cute! I loved the smell- very spring-y and floral-y. When you pop it in the bath, it's very fizzy- that was my favorite part (aside from the smell). I was a little disappointed at the fact that this bath bomb didn't change the color of the water. When I first dropped it in, I thought it might leave a faint pink color, but that lasted about 30 seconds, and the color was gone. I also didn't really feel any benefits to my skin with this one- I didn't notice any more softness in my skin than usual. However, if you're looking for something simple and refreshing, this is definitely it!

Once I saw the Bubblegrub Bubbleroon, I instantly knew I needed it. Look at his little faaaaace! Plus I'm a sucker for anything vanilla-scented. This one had some mixed reviews online, with some saying they didn't like the color of the bathwater (they said it was dingy) or didn't like the earthy smell, so I was slightly hesitant. But I went for it anyway, and I am SO happy I did! I loved the smell, it was very comforting and relaxing. It left my skin feeling super soft, and Skylar said he could smell it on my skin when I got out of the bath, so it gets double points in my book. And I do have to slightly agree on the color of the bathwater- at first, it looked like a yellowy-green, but after a while it turned into a nice kelly green color. I actually want to buy another one of these little guys!

I was feeling a little adventurous, so I decided to try out a shampoo bar. I decided on the Brazilliant Shampoo Bar, which was made specifically for curly/unruly hair. I was definitely nervous about using it for the first time- I've never used anything other than regular shampoo before this. After using it a few times now though, I am 100% in love. It lathers exactly like normal shampoo- I like to rub it between my hands to start a lather, then gently rub the bar on my scalp to distribute. This one smells awesome, like freshly-picked oranges. Also, the website said these shampoo bars are supposed to last up to 3 times longer than a regular bottle of shampoo, and just after using it a few times, I can totally see that.  

Lastly, I got a sample of Figs and Leaves soap. I usually am not a huge fan of block soap- I really prefer liquid soaps/shower gels. Also, this isn't a scent I would have normally chose. However, I was surprised at how much I actually liked the scent- it's very earthy and relaxing. It has little fig seeds inside, which are nice for exfoliation, but can actually get a little too scratchy. I laid this next to my sink in the bathroom to use every once in a while, but I probably wouldn't recommend the full size.

Have you guys tried any of Lush's new items for spring? What did you think? Let me know! :)

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