You're In Brookelynn: June Goals

June Goals

Wow, can you believe it's June already? I feel like I blinked and it was suddenly summer! I know I haven't been blogging much lately, but with starting a new part-time job, I've been enjoying spending my free time relaxing. But I want to get back into it, so why not share some other goals I have for June, right?

Blog at least once a week. Although I want to try to post more, I am giving myself the reasonable goal of 1 post per week. I'm not entirely back into the swing of blogging and queuing posts yet, so I think this is pretty attainable for where I'm at now.

♥ Continue practicing yoga at least 3 times a week. I haven't been talking about it much, but I have basically fallen in love with yoga. I had always been interested in it, but never fully got into it. I also don't talk about my ballet much, but I took the beginning of the year off from my dance training and needed something to keep myself in shape, and yoga was the perfect thing. I will probably do another post about this, because I could talk about it forever! Anyway, I want to practice at least 3 times a week in June.

♥ Spend more time outside exploring! It's basically way to nice outside to not enjoy it! This month, I really want to explore my city and go to all the parks, cool places, and events I can find.

♥ Capture more photos. I haven't been taking pictures much this year, and I have been trying really hard to get back into it. Really, I want to buy a small case for my camera so I can just stick it in my purse wherever I go- I want to capture more of my daily life!

Start going through old clothes/stuff. I'm moving in with Skylar and a few friends in August (and I am soooo excited!). Although the apartment is a total upgrade from where I'm at now, Skylar and I will be sharing a bedroom that's about the same size as the one I have to myself now. So that means I have tons of stuff I need to get rid of- but I'm totally embracing it! I think it's going to be so refreshing to get rid of all the stuff I don't use anymore that's just sitting in my closet or in drawers.

Those are the main things I want to focus on in June. Do you have any goals for this month, or for the summer?


  1. Great goals! Good luck!!

  2. I've heard such awesome stuff about yoga but I have never tried it myself - I'm currently living at home and I think I'll make it my new "thing." Hopefully I can find some good studio nearby and get into it the way everyone else seems to :]