You're In Brookelynn: Life Lately: Anxiety, Moving, + A Short Hiatus

Life Lately: Anxiety, Moving, + A Short Hiatus

Hey, long time no see! Yeah, I know I posted that I was back to blogging about a month ago, but life has just been crazy. My anxiety has reared it's head, and these past few months have been rough. Not only that, but I have been working 2 jobs in addition to trying to start up my photography business. Summer isn't supposed to be this stressful, is it?

My main problem lately has been with my mental health. I started struggling with depression and anxiety in high school, and while I have managed it successfully for the last few years, things have started to go downhill. My occasional anxiety has turned into frequent anxiety/panic attacks (sometimes multiple times a day), followed by periods of deep depression. During the times I feel relatively normal, I relish in it and try to take some photos, practice yoga, spend time with friends, and just try to relax. But during the times I feel down, man is it hell. It's gotten to the point where I absolutely need to see a doctor and a counselor, which has been a feat in itself (why is it so damn hard to get an appointment with a psychiatrist?). I'm trying to take steps to get myself to feel normal again.

My life isn't all bad though- I actually have some really exciting things coming up! I am moving in with my boyfriend Skylar and a few of our friends at the beginning of August, and I am SO excited about it. However, that brings me to my least favorite part- packing. It's because of this (and my crazy anxiety issues on top of it), that I've decided to take an official 'hiatus' here on the blog for about a month or so. I know I already haven't been posting for a few weeks, but I know the next few weeks are going to be just as busy, probably even more so. But, once I have moved and settled in, I really do want to start blogging again. I want to work on my photography and showcase more of my abilities, and I actually have SO many ideas that I can't wait to work on once I have the time. A few of my plans include a total blog design makeover, a new website for my photography business, and lots of other little projects.

So, to recap, I'm taking a bit of time off for myself. I hope you'll still stick around until I get back ♥

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