You're In Brookelynn: Bear the Kitty

Bear the Kitty

This is Skylar and I's new kitty, named Bear!

Well, I say "new," but we've had him since we moved in August. Skylar and I were planning on adopting a cat eventually when we moved, but we were originally going to wait a little while, until we both had a little bit more money. But one day last summer, we came home to Skylar's parent's house and this fat little black and white cat with half a mustache greeted us. He was actually kind of an asshole at first- he was hissing at Skylar's other cat, and wouldn't really let you come near him.

It turned out that a co-worker of Skylar's mom had just gotten divorced and went on vacation, and asked Skylar's mom to watch Bear for a few weeks. Well, a few weeks turned into a few months, and the co-worker eventually called and said he was moving to the place he was on vacation at and wasn't coming back (yeah...haha). He told Skylar's mom to take him to the animal shelter if she didn't want to keep him. It didn't take us long to decide to take him with us when he moved. He had become so much more friendly, and he seemed to like us- he slept at the end of our bed every night!

Now that we've had Bear at our place for a few months, he's turned into the most loving kitty ever. It turns out that he just really doesn't like being with other cats- he likes being an only kitty. He loves getting attention, and will literally beg for you to play with him. He also has no qualms about hopping in your lap purring like a lawn mower. Plus, he is so chubby and cute!

I recently snapped these pictures of him, isn't he the cutest?

/End crazy cat lady post (sorry not sorry!) ;)