You're In Brookelynn: Photo Session: Baby Frankie

Photo Session: Baby Frankie

Hello everyone! I realized I never shared these photos I took last summer, which is a bummer because I am actually pretty proud of them. Also, it's the dead of winter here, and these photos remind me of summer so I think that makes it ok :)

Over the summer, I offered a few free portrait sessions on my photography facebook page. I had big goals of getting my photography business going this summer (that obviously didn't happen....I'm shooting for this summer instead!), and I thought offering some free sessions would be a good way to gain exposure, practice, and expand my portfolio. 

My first session was with 4-month old Frankie. Honestly, I was super nervous- I'd never really taken pictures of kids before, so I had no idea what to expect. I brought Skylar with me for moral support (and to make funny faces at Frankie). Luckily, Frankie was awesome in front of the camera, and I ended up having a ton of fun. Isn't he cute?

Have a lovely day! ♥

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