You're In Brookelynn: Rainy days and Flyaways

Rainy days and Flyaways

Sorry guys, I've been the worst blogger ever and haven't been posting much lately. These photos were from a few days ago (Monday I believe...wait that was only yesterday. Haha wow.) So the day started off cloudy and rainy, which I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't have to walk to class in it. I usually love rainy days, they are so calm and relaxing and all I want to do is cuddle up with a blanket (or Skylar) and some hot chocolate and watch shitty TV in my pajamas. But unfortunately, I was trudging to class and learning instead. Blegh. On the plus side though, I got to break out my rain boots that Skylar gave me for my birthday this year!

Most practical birthday present ever!

Having curly hair for most of  my life, one of the major downsides to rain (or mostly humidity I guess) is how crazy and afro-like it makes my hair look. Here you can see how much it made my bangs curl after just walking to and from one class. I guess this doesn't look so bad, mostly because I put the rest of my hair up to spare your eyes. You can thank me later.

In middle school, I always used to straighten my hair, and rainy/humid days were my worst enemy. After being outside for only 10 minutes my just-straightened hair would wave and curl, and for some reason my adolescent self didn't like that. Now I love my curls, and the fact that humidity doesn't scare me as much anymore. Of course, it does make my hair frizzy as hell, but my hair is usually like that anyway. Oh well.

Also, this was my first attempt at doing any type of "nail art" using scotch tape, and I think it turned out fairly well! I like it at least, even though they don't look perfect. You might be seeing more nail posts in the future, because I've been brainstorming different nail designs I can do with tape now, haha!

Hope you enjoyed your first day of spring!

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