You're In Brookelynn: Summer Pinspirations

Summer Pinspirations

I'm in need of some simplicity this summer. It's been kind of hard lately, I've fallen back into boughts of anxiousness, and if any of you have dealt with general anxiety, you know how trapped you can feel. I've been trying to find ways to relax and make myself excited for the future; and of course that means the next few months of summer!

And of course, along with the masses, what better way to think up summer plans than by wasting hours on pintrest? I'm compiling a list of things I want to do/accomplish over the summer, with the help of pintrest.

1. Have a picnic

Fist of all, isn't this picture gorgeous?  I found a big picnic basket in the basement of my home, so I brought it back to my apartment in hopes that I would use it. Wouldn't a picnic date be so cute? (Pintrest removed the source of this picture, sorry!)

2. Invest in a cute bike 
Okay, so the lock on my old bike broke (the bike of which I have had since I was 11, maybe earlier), so living on a college campus, it didn't take long for someone to steal it. So now I am left without a bike, sadly. I rode my bike all over campus, and more importantly, to work, and it was so much faster and more convenient than walking. At least now I can look for a much cuter bike, with a basket! I love bikes with baskets, they are so cute. (Source)

3. Make my apartment a home

I'm all moved into my new apartment, but it still doesn't feel like my new home yet. And these two pictures are perfect; I love the second one. The kitchen definitely needs a makeover, and the pops of color against the white cabinets is perfect! (Source & Source)

4. Start doing Yoga

I've wanted to try yoga for years. I did a bit of it for a research study I participated in last semester for my psychology class (the study was stress reduction techniques) and I loved it. The recreation center doesn't have any classes going on during the summer, so it's up to me to actually do it. And hopefully this is the summer that I will actually try it! (Source)

5. Enjoy every moment

This is probably the hardest one on the list, although it is the most simple. None of what I want to accomplish will mean a damn thing unless I have the right mindset. And that's hard. Especially feeling anxious all the time, it's hard to really enjoy things, even if you know you should enjoy it. This is the number one thing I am going to work on.(Source)

Wish me luck!

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