You're In Brookelynn: Comfy


Hello all. This week has been interesting. Two of my roommates moved in and have been going to band camp all week, so I guess it's kind of like I'm still living by myself but with a fuller fridge, haha. It kind of makes me wish I did marching band again, but I know that if I was actually there I would be cursing myself for signing up again. My last roommate is moving in sometime today, so I guess that is mildly exciting.

Right now it's lightly raining, and I'm sipping a cup of coffee. I love mornings like this. So calm and simple, no worries, just listening to the rain and curling up on the couch. I do have to admit, I have been on a coffee kick lately. I think Skylar has got me addicted, because I never drank coffee really before this summer. Its probably a bit unhealthy, because I always load it with lots of cream and sugar, so basically it doesn't even taste like coffee at all; ah well.

I hope you all have a lovely day :) I'll be organizing, setting up my printer, helping move my new roommate in and such. Hoping to go to the "NIU Welcome Days" thing tonight, since I didn't get to go last year due to the fact that marching band plays at it. From what I gather, there is lots of free stuff, and I can't say no to free stuff! Oh yeah, and I guess meeting new students and stuff. That too.

Happy Thursday!

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