You're In Brookelynn: An early bit of Halloween action!

An early bit of Halloween action!

Hello there :) So this is only going to be a short post about last night, because I unfortunately forgot my camera and didn't want to walk back to my apartment in the rain to get it :( Oh well!

Anywho, last night my boyfriend and his band played a show at The House Cafe with some other awesome bands, and the show was Halloween themed! So obviously, that means costumes! I was probably a little too excited about that aspect, but I will defend my excitedness by saying that I haven't really had an opportunity to dress up for Halloween since middle school, probably. My original plan was to dress up as Columbia from Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I didn't have the time/money to find the sparkly jacket/top hat, so I settled on making a costume from things I already had, so it let me to this vintage girl scout costume.  I had bought this dress in a salvation army sometime last year, and I didn't even know until I looked at the buttons that it was actually a vintage girl scout uniform! I researched it a little bit, and I think this one dates back to the 60s or so, maybe a little later. When I was at the show, and older woman (Spencer's grandma, actually, haha) came up to me and said "I knew you were supposed to be a girlscout! I had the same outfit when I was young, with the socks and the belt and the yellow tie and everything!" That made me feel like I had done my research right, haha.

Now I will leave you with what Skylar (left) and Spencer (right) were dressed like for the festivities:

So sexy. 

Hope you have a good weekend!

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  1. Such an adorable costume! I have a very similar dress.

    <3 Melissa