You're In Brookelynn: Things that have been making me smile: Instagram edition

Things that have been making me smile: Instagram edition

I loveee making lists. They make me feel so productive and happy. And I haven't posted any instagram photos in a while, so here's what's been making me happy over the past few weeks :)

1. Enjoying the fall festivities before the weather gets too cold and wintery. How crazy is it that it's Halloween tomorrow? The leaves around campus are mostly shriveled and brown now. Pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving and there will be no leaves on the trees! Ahh!

2. Having friends with cute pets. This is gonna sound really lame, but one of the things I miss most about home is my cat. But at least I get to play with Skylar's dogs all the time. Shown here is Spencer's dog Homer (he is so cute, but whenever I pick him up he gets so excited that he pees everywhere...) and Josh's cat Harold (the softest cat ever).

3. My ballet class. This is my only class that makes me upset when it gets canceled. Since I decided not to do marching band this year, I had room for an extra few credits. I really missed the fact that I hadn't been formally dancing for over a year, so I enrolled in a introductory ballet class. I hadn't actually taken a ballet/dance class since my junior year of high school, and without being in any productions for the past year I had been yearning to dance. It makes me so happy that I am doing it again.

4. Live music. Of both the mainstream and local variety. I hadn't been to a "real" concert in years (probably at least 5), but Skylar bought me tickets to see The Avett Brothers for my birthday and we recently traveled to Chicago to see the show. It was awesome, to say the least. And Skylar being in a band, I get to see them play, along with a bunch of other awesome local DeKalb bands, at least a few times a month. It's so cool that I ended up getting involved in the local music scene (indirectly, of course) I've met so many cool people and it's been a lottt of fun.

5. Gloomy fall days with a nice cup of coffee. Aka cuddle weather. Who doesn't like to cozy up in a nice big blanket, wearing an oversized sweater and sipping a nice cup of coffee or tea on a brisk, cloudy day? Nobody, that's who.

What's been making you happy lately?

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