You're In Brookelynn: The death of autumn

The death of autumn

 It's almost crazy how fast October came and went. And I know it's still "technically" fall, but with the passing of October we also lost all of the bright colors on the trees and ground. That's kind of sad, but I also still love this part of fall that comes after the "excitement" of fall wears off. Have you ever felt nostalgic about something, but you're not really sure why? Like, I feel like this time of year, where the trees are bare and the temperatures are dropping and Thanksgiving is looming right around the corner, it reminds me of something, from my childhood maybe. But I'm not sure what. Am I the only one that has had this feeling before?

I drive by this park in DeKalb all the time, but I've never been to it. I was out running some errands, and when I was done I decided to stop there and take some outfit photos. It was so calm and nice. There wasn't really any one around, except for the occasional jogger or person walking their dog. I wish I lived closer to a park like this so I could go jogging in nature, and without tons of people around. Plus, it was nice because I don't like having people around wondering why I am taking a bunch of pictures of myself. Ah, well.

Also, in other news, I have an interview on Thursday with the photo editor of The Northern Star, the campus newspaper, for a photography position! I'm so excited, I hope it goes well. I would be so excited if I got to work a) as a photographer and b) at the newspaper that almost all students at NIU read. I've always thought about perusing photojournalism, but since I threw my photography major out the window, that thought went with it. It would be cool so keep perusing photography in different ways.

 I'll leave you all with one of the first multiples shots I've done in a while. I've missed doing multiples and levitation shots. Maybe this means you will see more in the future :)

Hope you have a wonderful day :) Don't forget to go out and vote if you haven't already!


  1. Love those boots, so cute! And I love the last picture, very creative!

  2. Ah, I've been wanting to do a photo like the last one but I keep forgetting! :'D It's such an awesome effect.

    Great photo!