You're In Brookelynn: Weekend Instagrams

Weekend Instagrams

1. We house-sat for Skylar's uncle, who has the most adorable bunny! We went over two times a day to feed him and his uncle's cat (who I didn't get a picture of, but is a little derpy...) // 2. Skylar's dad started smoking out this tree stump in their backyard since it was old and rotting, so we spent at least an hour hitting it with a mallet and a poker. It was surprisingly entertaining. // 3. It's getting so close to Christmas! My favorite holiday :) // 4. Snowball, one of Skylar's dogs, was playing with us while we were hitting the tree (that sounds pretty lame doesn't it, haha.) Oh, and that day it was over 60 degrees out! In December! In Illinois! It's supposed to be like that today too, so I am excited. // 5. A questionable magazine we found at Farm & Fleet... // 6. Skylar is sexy, obviously.

I hope you all had a good weekend! This week is gonna be super busy as it's my last week of classes before finals! And I have three photo assignments for the paper due tomorrow, so that is what I will be working on today.

Happy Monday!

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