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Carolina In My Mind

Carolina by James Taylor on Grooveshark

In case you aren't aware, It is currently January. And I wore this outfit outside. I even brought a coat, but I started sweating in it! I will tell you, it's super awkward taking outfit photos on a college campus. There are constantly people walking past, no matter where you go. Now I can be shy sometimes, but I'm not usually debilitatingly shy, but I do wonder what it looks like to other people when I am by myself taking photos...of myself. Haha, I was only at this spot for about 10 minutes until people started walking dangerously close (I thought they were going to come up and talk to me...eek!)

Anyways, these are my only pair of high-waisted shorts, and I am basically in love with them. And I am a little surprised I got to pull them out this early in the year, but that's alright I suppose. Also, on this particular day I had ballet class later in the day, and that was the main reason I chose this outfit, to highlight the tights. I scheduled my classes a little too close together, so on tuesdays and thursdays I have to wear my leotard and tights under my outfit all day, because I don't have time to go home and change. It kind of worked out in this outfit!

I finally started sizing up my gauges! I will tell you, I was having the hardest time sizing up from 8s to 6s (I have the 6s in in this photo). Stupid ears! Ah well, I think I was just getting a little excited and tried to size up too fast. I will definitely be giving my ears a rest for a month or so!

Well, I am off to enjoy the nice weather before it's supposed to get back down to freezing tomorrow!

Have a lovely Tuesday :)


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