You're In Brookelynn: In My Bag

In My Bag

I don't know if these kind of posts are cool anymore, but I don't really care. Here's what I always carry with me in my purse :)

From top to bottom, left to right:
- My ITS (Information Technology Services) name tag for working in the computer labs.
-Wallet (from Claire's)
-Ballet Slippers. This is mostly because I am always scared that I'm going to forget them when I go to ballet class, so I just leave them in my bag all the time.
-Coupon/grocery list holder. Yes, I carry coupons with me everywhere. Poor college students, represent!
-Weekly planner.
-Baby Lips lip balm. I swear by this stuff.
-Coupon for local Rocky Horror Picture Show showing. A local theatre does a showing every month, it's so fun. Have any of you been to a showing with a shadow cast?
-ID tag for my job at the Convocation Center, where I set up events like basketball games and concerts.
-My favorite sunglasses ever.
-A pill organizer, because I am an old lady.

I hope you are all having a happy Tuesday! If you're getting hit by snow like I am, stay safe!


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  1. this kind of post will always be cool (to me). maybe because i'm always curious... but i love seeing what other people carry around! new follower, found you through the gfc collective!