You're In Brookelynn: Flowers & Denim

Flowers & Denim

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This is probably one of my favorite outfits to date. I finally sewed on all of the patches that I had lying around on this vest I thrifted, and I am basically in love with it. Thanks again to Brit from Three Inch Stitch for the awesome feminist patch! And I'm not going to lie, this back patch is basically the best thing ever.

Also, in other news, I finally got my hair the shade of platinum I wanted! All it took was a purple-tinted toning treatment and about 5 minutes. I am seriously in love with it.

Outfit Details:
Shirt & Skirt: thrifted, Vest: Thrifted/DIY, Shoes: Target, Tights: TJ Maxx
Back Patch: Stay Home Club, Feminist Patch: c/o Three Inch Stitch

I'm not going to lie, it was cold as hell taking these pictures. I could only bear it for about 10 minutes before I had to put my coat on and retreat back to my apartment. Does anyone else from the midwest remember when it was like, 85 degrees at this time last year? I found this post from last year, where I was wearing shorts! So crazy.
Have a lovely weekend, and try to stay warm!  


  1. Lol, yessss! I remember! I can't believe it actually! I use the Timehop app and got a photo this morning from exactly 1 year ago... it was me in a dress on a HOT spring day! I also recently saw a graph comparing this year with last and the difference in the week's worth of date was like, 40 degrees a day! It's really strange. Love this outfit, by the way.
    ♥Emma Deer

  2. I love your outfit choice!!! You look amazing and I love the jean jacket!!! I found your blog through the blog hop! Your blog layout is amazing and it looks really really good! I am your newest follower and am excited to see what your upcoming posts are!
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  3. So cute! I'm "hopping" this morning and found you. ADORABLE! Following you on bloglovin' and would love for you to check out my blog at

  4. Oh my heavens you are way too cute! I love the punk vibe to this with your awesome jean vest and headscarf! And that floral skirt is so pretty. I love your hair too...just everything basically :)

  5. That outfit is gorgeous!!! And I love your hair color, too. It's amazing what those purple toners can do!