You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds v.6

Friday Finds v.6


Green Sleeveless Sunflower Embroidery Bilayer Dress

This dress is so adorable. It makes me want spring & summer even more than I already do (if that is possible).

Book Exchange Party Invite + Free Printable

This is basically the best idea for a party I have ever heard. It's like going to the library, but even better! I am seriously considering having one of these pretty damn soon. So if you know me personally, get excited. Also, if you follow the link, they have free printables of the invitation! So adorable.

patterned bride + neutral bridesmaids // photo by Sassyfras Studios

What a unique idea for a wedding dress! The bridesmaids wear white, and the bride wears whatever fun color she wants! I don't know if I would do it, but it's such a unique idea.

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This is a website that shows you ideas for re-using a penis cake pan from a bachelorette party. So. Funny.

An older couple going into the Mayo clinic find a piano. This video makes my day.

Happy Friday!


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    1. I knew you would like that one! Haha, I thought of you when I first saw it! :)

  2. I'm not sure about the wedding theme! Then again, I feel close minded since I feel that the bride "must" wear white.

    I love your blog, had to follow! If you want, you can look at mine :)!

    My photography blog.

  3. I love that summer dress! I'm sick of the winter I'm super excited for all the floral dresses for spring! Following from the GFC blog hop!

    Summer x