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Go to Sleep

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Am I the only one that just wants to sleep the day away whenever it rains? It's been so gloomy and foggy outside, I just want to curl up with a cup of coffee and a big blanket and watch the rain fall. Which I could do I suppose, but I have been surprisingly productive lately! Skylar and I have been slaving away at painting my bedroom for when I move back home. We had to leave it halfway done because we both got tired and frustrated haha, so it's seeming it will be a few-day-long process.

 I bought my first pair of silicone plugs yesterday, and I am basically in love. They are so comfy! I accidentally dropped my original pair of plugs down the sink drain (whoops) so I had to run out and get a new pair, which ended up being too big (4g my ass), and from a store that doesn't let you return body jewelry. But then I bought these and all was well again :)

Also, if any of you readers out there have your ears stretched, you should check out Omerica Organic's plugs, they are absolutely beautiful. And even if you don't have your ears stretched, they have some great necklaces and earrings! Also, if you use the code Brooke07, you can get 20% off your first order! You can thank me later :)

Outfit Details:
Dress & Sweater: thrifted, Shirt & Tights: JCPenny, Shoes: Vans, Plugs: Spencer's

I hope you are all having a lovely Monday! I am officially on spring break, so I certainly am :)


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  1. Loving the skirt and vans! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at