You're In Brookelynn: Dots & Hearts

Dots & Hearts

Outfit Details:
Dress: Target, Shoes: Thrifted

Sometimes it's just nice to throw on a dress and not really have to worry about accessorizing it. Especially during the summer months, I find myself drawn to simple stylings. During the summer, I want to be out on walks and exploring, and long necklaces and earrings get in the way sometimes. Not that I don't don't love getting dolled up; trust me, I do. Sometimes it's just nice to let the dress talk for itself :)

I didn't take pictures of this outfit outside (if you couldn't tell...duh) so I am giving you a little peak into my bedroom at my parents house! Slowly but surely, I am hanging things up and giving things a proper place. I know, I moved in 2 months ago and I'm not done putting my room together, but what can I say...I'm a procrastinator for life. Someday it will be done. And then I will take some photos and do another little room tour!

Well, I'm back to work today! Hope you all have a lovely Monday :)


  1. Your shoes are so cute!

    I've been in my apartment for almost a year and I still haven't hung up a mirror.... I'm right there with you on the procrastinator status!

  2. You look gorgeous in that dress!!
    And i think that's the way life tends to work--it can take a long time to truly get settled in and get your living space arranged the way you like it.

  3. Such a cute dress! I love everything about it, especially the cut in the back. I really like your hair, too :)

  4. LOVE that dress!!! And those shoes are adorable!

    Summer x

  5. Just found your blog!
    Now following!!
    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you :)

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  6. That dress is beautiful on you!! So simple and pretty.

    xox Sammi

  7. Such an adorable dress, also the back! I love polka dots :)