You're In Brookelynn: Bacon & Brussels Sprouts with The Icing On My Cupcake!

Bacon & Brussels Sprouts with The Icing On My Cupcake!

Hi Everyone! I'm visiting from The Icing On My Cupcake. I've got a recipe to share with you today. 

Bacon and Brussels Sprouts is one of my all time favourite combinations. And a little while ago, my partner asked me to make it in to a risotto. So, I did. 


700ml - stock (either chicken or veg)
3 rashers bacon, chopped
6 Brussels Sprouts, stems and outer leaves removed, chopped
1 cup Aborio rice
1 cup dry white wine
lots of butter
lots of Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper to taste


Heat your stock in a saucepan over low heat. 

Pop a large heavy based pan over medium heat with a splash of olive oil and a good helping of butter (about 1Tbs) and cook your bacon to your liking. Then add in your brussels

Then add your brussels and cook until just soft.

The add in your rice. Stir to make sure it's covered in the buttery oily goodness, and cook for a few minutes before adding your wine

Cook stirring for about 5 minutes, until all the wine is absorbed. Then start adding your stock 1 ladle at a time. Cook stirring until stock is absorbed before adding your next ladleful. 

Taste the risotto before each ladleful to see if it's done. You want it to be al dente. Once it's done, remove from the heat and add in another generous lump of butter, and heaps of Parmesan, and stir to combine.

This dish is quite salty already, from the bacon and the Parmesan, so I always taste after the Parmesan, before adding salt. And stir in a generous amount of cracked black pepper, and serve!

Hope you all give this yummy dish a go!

Thanks for reading!

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