You're In Brookelynn: What I Wore: Denim & Lace

What I Wore: Denim & Lace

Outfit Details:
Dress: Rue 21 (old)
Denim Shirt: TJ Maxx
Shoes: TJ Maxx (also on Amazon)

I know I said this in an earlier outfit post, but I am basically in love with the fall-like weather we're getting in the midwest. It's getting me excited! I keep picking up awesome sweaters and jackets from the thrift stores, forgetting that it's technically still summer. It's supposed to warm up next week though, damnit! I suppose I should just enjoy the summer weather while it lasts, even though I am really just (not so patiently) waiting for fall!

I've had my eyes on this pair of shoes from Restricted for the longest time, but they have been sold out on amazon for months. You have no idea how excited I was when I found them at TJ Maxx (for half the price they were asking on amazon!) Of course, now they are back in stock on amazon, but I'm so happy I found them for cheaper! They will be the perfect fall weather shoes.

Well, this week I am enjoying my last few days of real summer before I have college marching band camp next week, and the fall semester begins the week after! I am actually pretty excited for everything to start up again :) I won't be posting much next week, but I've got some great guest posters lined up and a few posts in the queue, so you won't even notice I'm gone!

Happy hump day :)


  1. So cute! Don't you just love it when you find deals like that? I feel like I cheated the system somehow when I do that, haha. I love the blue with your yellow bag! Probably one of my favorite color combinations. :)

    1. omg sooo embarrassing ... I was totally still logged in on my boss's google account. It was Lauren I promise!

    2. Oh don't worry, I didn't even think anything of it, haha!

  2. Hey I have that dress too!! Isn't it super girlie and cute! Love how you styled it cutie ;)


  3. I love those shoes! I have been oogling them since I saw Kaylah with them on the Dainty Squid. Great outfit too! I am so excited for Fall weather, layers!