You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

I love this look. This is exactly how I want to look in 2014- cool and comfy!

These are some of the coolest aprons ever!

These sculptures made by Brett Kern are CERAMIC. Hold on let me repeat that they are CERAMIC.

Everyone needs a video of a spider doing it's mating dance to the YMCA.

This blanket is wonderful!
A Tiny Bouquet of Poppies - Handsculpted, Cast Sterling Silver Ring - READY TO SHIP (Sizes 6 to 7.5)
Is this not one of the cutest rings ever?

This photo? Wonderful.
Down By the Sea Swimsuit Top in Black
I know it's not even close to swimsuit season, but this one is so cool!

First Friday Finds of 2014! I am super excited for this year. This Sunday I'll be sharing my first few photos from my 365 Project, and next week I'll be sharing some new year's goals and cute outfits :) 

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh gosh, I'm totally in love with your finds! I too was eyeing that bikini (but only the black and white version - the pink and nude style is kind of icky.)
    That space mural! That would be so neat to have in a bedroom!
    I still don't believe you that those are ceramic. They are clearly inflatable!
    As cute as those aprons are, I'd prefer to rock them as dresses!!!

    Hope you had a happy new year!

    A Coin For the Well

  2. All of this is so cool!! I would love to wear that outfit too! Love that ring and starry night artwork!
    Sincerely, Sara

  3. those are ceramic!??!?!?!? reminds me of the giant blow-up dog structure. (can you tell I don't know my modern art? hahaha)