You're In Brookelynn: Get Ready for 365 Project: 2014!

Get Ready for 365 Project: 2014!

That's right, I'm doing a 365 Self-Portrait Project this year! I am seriously so excited about it. I did a 365 project in 2010 (see here and here) and had so much fun. I've been waiting for the perfect time to start a new one, and I think this is going to be the year!

As I said, this will be a self-portrait project. I am primarily doing this project to get back in touch with artistic photography, and to document the emotions of the year. In high school, I was constantly taking and editing photos, and in the past few years I've gotten away from the artistic side of that. I am so excited to fall back in love with photography and practice some new techniques!

I am planning on posting my daily photos in a weekly post on Sundays, but I will be updating my Flickr daily if you'd like to see them earlier.

I can't wait! Are any of you planning 365 projects?


  1. Hey thank you so much for your lovely comment. I didn't win but I'm still trying to improve my blog every day! And of course I will pop over to your blog, I love to see new bloggers and what they are doing to the blogosphere!
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  2. This is amazing!! I can't wait to see all your self-portraits! Good luck!
    Sincerely, Sara

  3. I wish I had the time/energy for a 365 project - can't wait to see what you do with it!!!

  4. This is great!!! I have tried to do a 365 and failed horribly. I am going to try and do a project 52. I am going to try and do a portrait a week but I am giving myself wiggle room and just keeping it to posting a photo a week on my photography blog. I can't wait to see your photos!


  5. this is great...! i love your blog and look so beautiful to displaying other blog ads on your blog layout

  6. Awesome! I just came across your blog. I also have a style blog, but I did branch off and start my 365 self portrait blog just tonight. I'm going to follow you on bloglovin so I can see how your journey is going!

  7. I am excited to see what you do with this, I love your photography style :)