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Life Lately

My "workspace"
A few of my favorite Instagram photos as of late. (Follow me @youreinbrookelynn!)
We recently exchanged paddles in my fraternity! The one I recieved is in the top picture on the left, and I made the Doctor Who one. Not gonna lie, I am pretty damn proud of that! (interested in the space-paint tutorial? let me know!)
Doin' some baking! Lately I've made these cake batter truffles, and some chocolate chip banana bars.
Shooting some of my camera equipment for an upcoming post, and someone wanted to help.
And of course, finals! I've been studying like crazy, basically because I am 100% ready to be done!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Agh, I'm in finals too (almost done!) and I feel you! Plus, that space paint looks SICK.