You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

A collection of lovely things found throughout the week!
Goth Beach Day (at Hollywood Forever)
I am kind of in love with this look.
Diagonal French Tip Nail Art
Love this mani! These nail colors together are awesome.

Love these feminist stickers.

I definitely need to try this cat-eye makeup look soon!

I am definitely in need of a pair of boots like these. I'd love them in black, too!
white bralette
Ohhhhh this bralette is wonderful!
Bun-Victory Roll Bang Pin Up
This hairstyle may be one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Oh my gosh, I am loving Lauren's latest photo!

I'll have one of each of these 'apple pops', please.
I am all about this outfit (and puppy!)

Happy Friday, guys!


  1. I ALWAYS look forward to your Friday Finds! That hairstyle is so cute and those apples pops?!! I need those in my life ASAP!

  2. Hey thanks! I'm so glad you liked my photo! <3

  3. I love those nails. and that hair style- how adorable! This is a great collection of amazing things.

  4. The apple pops looks delicious!!! I've gotten my nails done like that already! they really are cute xx ♥