You're In Brookelynn: Purple Nail Polish Dreams with Julep

Purple Nail Polish Dreams with Julep

Ok, picture awesome would it be to have your very own nail polish named after you? When Julep contacted me asking just that, I jumped at the chance and started brainstorming immediately! I already love Julep's polishes, so I just kept thinking, what kind of color could I dream up that is totally me? Of course, one color came to mind: Purple! It's always been my favorite color, and I love how many different shades there are to communicate different moods. Just like me, you can incorporate it into any type of style!

I was inspired by a photo I took of the night sky a few days ago, which almost looks like a nail polish color in itself!

The stars = sparkles, obviously!

This inspired me to create a cute little inspiration board! It's filled with purples that are girly and edgy at the same time, which I am in love with. Something that says "man, that girl is super cute and she looks like a total bad-a**!

You totally know what I mean.

And what would I call this awesome nail color? Brookelynn, of course!

I would seriously die if this color was created, it's the only color I would wear from now until the end of time! Also, Julep is offering this awesome sweepstakes where you and a friend could win a trip to New York Fashion Week along with a shopping spree! Uh, how awesome is that?

Happy Wednesday, guys! 
If you could create your own nail color, what would it be?


  1. You took that photo?!?!?! It's amazing!!! I'd love a nailpolish in that color as well- and the name is perfect since all their polishes have girl names! :)

  2. I hope they name the color after you! That would be a gorgeous polish--i would buy it!