You're In Brookelynn: What I Wore: Stay Home Club

What I Wore: Stay Home Club

Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21
Vest: Thrifted
Back Patch: Stay Home Club
Shoes: Modcloth
Hat: Vintage

Woah, it's been a hot minute since I wore this vest on the blog; over a year ago to be exact! It's so crazy to look back at that post and see how much my hair has grown! Also, if you didn't notice, I straightened my hair for these photos too! As you may be able to tell, it didn't quite stay straight for very long, damn you humidity! You can probably even tell in what order these photos were taken, just based on the straightness of my hair, haha.

Anyway, I can't believe it took me this long to actually wear this dress on the blog! I had shown it to you guys in my spring clothing haul, but it took me a few months to style for the blog I guess, haha! Isn't the back on this dress beautifullll? I haven't found a bra that won't show with it, so I've been free-wheelin' it, but I guess that's ok since I don't have a whole lot going on up there. I guess being relatively small-chested does have a few perks!

I hope you all have a lovely day! I'll be back tomorrow with some exciting news & stuffs! (Hint- it involves youtube!)


  1. Love your dress and hat. I'm a huge fan of A-line type dresses. I wish I could fit a hat on my head but my afro won't allow it.

  2. Such a cute dress and love how you styled it!!

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  3. beautiful dress and vest! you look so pretty and the place you took those pictures looks amazing!

  4. I love your whole outfit! Something about it seems to just...suit you. It's almost as if it shows your personality through your outfit (which is the point of fashion, right?!). Thank you for linking up with Manic Mondays!

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise