You're In Brookelynn: Friday Finds ♥ 1/9

Friday Finds ♥ 1/9

A collection of lovely things found throughout the week!

I am in love with this illustration from Ana Victoria Calderon. I am a sucker for watercolor illustrations.
Amethyst Rose Gold Ring Purple Gemstone Recycled 14k rose Gold Gemstone Cocktail Statement ring byAngelineRaw Pink Tourmaline Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring Wedding Ring Custom One Of a Kind Gemstone Ring Three stone Ring byAngeline
Raw Sea Green Tourmaline Gold Ring Rough Uncut Gemstone Rare color tourmaline recycled 14k Size 6 3/4 stacking cocktail statement byAngelineRaw Rough Uncut Watermelon Tourmaline Gold Ring Bi Color Ring green Pink Gemstone Crystal 14k recycled byAngeline
Are these not some of the most beautiful rings you've ever seen?

Toasted marshmallow shot glasses! Ahh!

I would wear this outfit from The Clothes Horse in a heartbeat. I love everything about it!

Is it bad that I want to get this tattooed on my body?
Women Transparent Sexy Sparkling Mermaid Tail Printing Tights Pantyhose Legging | ARE YOU KIDDING
I don't think I would actually wear these, but these tights are pretty dang cute!

Finally decided to bring back the Friday Finds series, hopefully I'll keep up with it in the new year! Happy Friday :)