You're In Brookelynn: Meet Dudley!

Meet Dudley!

Yep I got another one- Say hello to my new friend Dudley! I don't want to say he was an impulse purchase, but I guess he kind of was. I had been thinking about getting Percy a friend for a while. I am slightly crazy and have been reading all of the guinea pig articles on Pintrest, and the number one tip all of the articles said was that guinea pigs are much happier and healthier if they live with a friend. I was going to wait a little bit before deciding if I wanted another, but the other day my friends and I stopped by the local animal shelter just to pet puppies (Do you guys have animal shelters where you can just walk in, play with the animals, and leave? It's the best!), and we noticed this little guy. I asked to hold him and I was instantly 100% sure he was coming home with me. Just look at that little curly face!

I was a little worried how Percy would react to another guinea pig, but he was so excited! After meeting each other, neither of them would stop squeeking and making happy noises for hours. Literally. It's the cutest thing ever to see them chasing, playing, and cuddling with each other. I bought Dudley his own little "hideaway" for the cage, just in case he wanted one separate from Percy, but they always cuddle up together under the same one. It's the cutest!

He was 25 days old when I got him, so he is a little smaller than Percy, who is now around 4 months old. Sometimes Percy goes a little dominance crazy and tries to mount Dudley (yeah...), but I'm hoping that will die down once they get adjusted.

It's like a little family photo!

Don't they make cute brothers? Once they get a little bigger they will outgrow their cage, and I have big plans to DIY an awesome, spacious cage. I can't wait! :)


  1. Eeeeek!! We used to have Guinea Piggys growing up, they were just the most cutest, I can still hear their little squeaks. Dudley is such a great name! x x

  2. Oh my gosh, they're so cute together and look so happy! Happy Guinea Pig squeaks are literally the cutest sound ever. Congratulations! Your babies are so adorable!!

  3. Oh. my. god! They are soooo freaking cute!