You're In Brookelynn: Home Sweet Dorm

Home Sweet Dorm

Hi guys! Today I'm going to give you a peek into my luxurious (HA) dorm room! It took me a longgggg time to get used to living in a dorm, basically my whole first semester I was set on moving out and commuting from home. Alas, that didn't work out, but I'm happy it didn't because I have actually come to (somewhat) enjoy having a little place of my own. Even if it's shared with a roommate.

My closet is pretty disorganized, but what can I do when I have such a small space but such a large affinity for thrifting! If you see that FABULOUS pink dress hanging up there, I just picked that up from the Salvation Army yesterday for only $6! Isn't it amazing? I'm planning on wearing it to Skylar's prom (if he wants to go...I'm trying to convince him, because I always love getting dressed up for dances and such, even if I don't enjoy the actual dace itself. I'm a bit of an introvert).

My desk is usually way more cluttered than this, but for the sake of your eyes I tidied it up. I don't use my desk a whole lot for real "desk purposes", because I like to sit on my bed with my laptop because it's more comfy, haha. So this space usually ends up a dumping grounds for random books, papers, etc. Sometimes I'll do my homework on it if I'm feeling super productive...but lets face it, I'm not usually very productive.

So that's basically my side of our little room! Yeah, it's pretty small, but it's cozy.

Dress: Forever 21/ Shirt and Belt: Thrifted/ Sweater: Formally Skylar's/ Shoes: Target

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