You're In Brookelynn: 365 Project | Week 21

365 Project | Week 21

fire in my lungs | 139/365

into the retro glow | 140/365

float away | 141/365

in between | 142/365

Night Sky | 143/365

Another week down! I am seriously so happy with my progress in this project. I am feeling so inspired and learning so much! I'm also trying techniques I never even thought to try out before. Case in point: the pictures of the sky from day 143! I was trying to capture some pictures of a meteor shower that was happening, but that didn't really work out. Although, I'm extremely happy with the outcome! I've never really known how to take photos in low-light settings, let alone pictures of the night sky. After some googling and practicing though, I think I have the hang of it! I may do a tutorial on it in the future :)

Happy Sunday!

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  1. THOSE NIGHT SKY PICTURES!!! You should share a tutorial! (I would be forever in your debt!) I've never shot in low light, though I've always wanted to learn!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous as usual Brooke. I am not very good at low light/night photogrqphy either. I look forward to your tutorial!